Dates shown below (May 7-28) were for 2017…Stay tuned for dates in 2018

Elias Nawawieh grew up near Bethlehem in the Palestinian town of Beit Sahour, better known as Shepherds’ Field. With a population of about 12,000, 80% is Christian (mostly Greek Orthodox) and 20% is Muslim. The town’s economy is based on tourism and related industry such as olive-wood carving.
In his presentation, Elias talked with great passion about helping the Iraqi Christian refugees who made their way to Jordan. Many were forced to flee their towns and villages when ISIS took over. They were given the option of converting to Islam or leaving their property behind.
Another concern Elias shared was the declining Palestinian Christian population. Today Christians make up just 1% of the population in Palestinian territories. Some fear that in the land where Jesus lived, churches are becoming museums rather than houses of worship. Many Christians have moved to other countries in search of economic and religious opportunity. Ayman Abu al-Zulaf who left and then returned says, “Without Christians, the Holy Land, the land of Jesus, has no value.”
Bethlehem Arise, in collaboration with Bethlehem Project, is an initiative to empower Palestinian entrepreneurs
and strengthen the dwindling Christian community of Bethlehem. Two thousand years ago a star arose over Bethlehem which gave hope to the world. Today, through Bethlehem Arise the world can bring hope back to Bethlehem! On their website bethlehemarise.com they sell their beautiful olive-wood carvings to support the local population living with mental challenges. This workshop provides an opportunity for education through hands-on-craft making.

Food Pantry

Donations Needed

…Laundry Detergent

…Scrubbing Liquids

…Paper Towels

…Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

…Soap and Shampoo

…Toilet Tissue


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Emergency Shelter for Men, Women and Families with Children


Feed the World


In November or December we work together with the council of churches on Grosse Ile to house ChristNet for one week. Anywhere from 25-30 individuals are brought to the church every night for a home cooked meal, fellowship, and a warm bed.

Many volunteers are needed every year to support this community outreach. People are needed for

…setting up bedding and supplies
…cooking and serving meals
…supervising showers and sleeping time
…doing laundry
…fixing breakfast and packing lunches
…clean up and packing

A sign up will be available as soon as the dates are established.



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christnet 4



Donate to Grace in Action 

Grace in Action runs through generous donations from people like you. This summer we raised over $30,000 in a crowd funding campaign to purchase and renovate a new site for Grace in Action. We are so grateful to every single person who generously donated to that campaign. Every penny that you donate to Grace in Action goes right back into our work and into the community of Southwest Detroit. If you would like to make a donation you can do so in one of the following ways: 

Send a check: Grace in Action 9198 Falcon St. Detroit Michigan 48209

or donate online at
Grace in Action
is a mission congregation of the ELCA in Southwest Detroit
Grace in Action is a different kind of church in Southwest Detroit. It is a “vibrant community of Faith, based in the Radical Love of Jesus Christ. We are reclaiming the mission of the church, creating authentic community, being transformed by God and one another, and building a more just society for all of God’s people.
Watch Pastor John Cumming’s  slide show video below to learn more about this unique congregation and how you might help in service to this community of faith in southwest Detroit.