Pastor Heather Oberlin
August 9th

Pastor Heather Oberlin
August 2nd

Pastor Heather Oberlin
July 23rd & 26th

Pastor Heather Oberlin
June 9th & 12th
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MARTIN LUTHER wrote the small catechism so that
parents could teach their children about the
sacraments, commandments, creeds,
and prayers. Each week a new
guide will be posted for parents
to teach their children.
1. Baptism:
2. Prayer:
3. The Lord’s Prayer:

Each week, we will post a family discussion/activity guide

Each guide will contain: (1) Scripture verse that even young kids can memorize and a longer suggested reading, (2) Conversation starters (3) Creative project (4) Way to bless each other (5) Prayer (6) Resources if you want to dig deeper. 

Feel free to use any part or all parts. You can do them all at once or spread them out through the week. It’s entirely up to you! Be as creative as you want. My prayer is that you’ll have some great conversations about faith and life and maybe incorporate a new habit or two into your family’s faith life. 

If you have topics you’d like to see covered, please send them to Pastor Heather
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